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While you can spend time looking for fonts, images, videos and color palettes, we believe in a faster, better way to create amazing graphic design. We have a growing collection of branding, graphic and web design, free to use and help out your creative workflow.

Avant-garde font by Vika Shelkovich on Brando.ltd

Brando.ltd is happy to introduce a new post on our website. We’ve started sharing other designers’ projects.  Each post will include an interview with the designer about their experience in the field and some tips.

Of course, it will include a downloadable ⬇️ project by this designer. In this article, we want you to meet Vika Shelkovich and her avant-garde font.

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font avant-garde on brando.ltd

Vika Shelkovich

Hi. My name is Vika Shelkovich. I am a graphic designer, creative person, and illustrator, but I consider myself a multi-discipline designer. I am interested in a broad spectrum of design, such as UI/UX, illustration, fonts, branding, and social media. I want to create a collaborative work process between my abilities.

How did I start work as a designer?

That happened in my second year of design studies at Shenkar College. My first project was a website design for a professional caterer. It was a collaborative project with my programmer friend from Belarus. He believed in me despite my not having much experience in the field. In the end, it was a fantastic website!

Of course, not everything was so easy.

The main obstacle was connecting with money because a designer’s work involves buying expensive devices like laptops, iPads, and various programs. Additionally, I did my first design degree in Hebrew. Hebrew isn’t my native language because I emigrated from Belarus to Tel-Aviv, so I had some obstacles with understanding. I’m not just talking about translation per word; language is about context and background. Therefore, when you need to create a design in another language, you have to understand the terms and their connotations, too.

Viki Shelkovich
Viki Shelkovich
Viki Shelkovich

When I worked in the design field, I built an approach to my work process. I need to find something that mesmerizes me in the project I need to create. Whether the project is about building firms, medical services, or expensive jewelry, everyone needs to get a part of my soul. Without soul and desire, the project will be unsuccessful.

viki workspace
My workspace

The most important tip that I can give it is DON'T RUSH.

Take time to think about your projects; in this way, they will be more intelligent and unique.Another tip is to try to create several variants of design and use the last one to make something more artistic. Some things may not meet the brief, but you will have an excellent portfolio with alternative and unique projects. No, clients will never get it, but why don’t you try

font avant-garde
font avant-garde
font avant-garde

The idea behind an avant-garde typeface:

I have always been attracted to Russian constructivism and artistic fonts. I remember how I loved watching the titles of Soviet films and cartoons as a child. I really liked how Soviet typographers played with fonts. During my studies, I took a course on typefaces and decided to try to combine Russian with Hebrew. I wondered how I could handle this hybrid, and it kind of worked out well.

font avant-garde on brando.ltd
El Lissitzky, Russian Constructivism

Work process:

I have an old Soviet book of fonts; for reference, I took a font from the book and combined it with Hebrew.
Working in the Glyphs program, I combined Russian artistic customs with Hebrew, which was once incomprehensible to me but has now become a native font.